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SOS – They are taking us, forward by Corey Goode, is a book based on the real life stories of the authors F. Liam Erelim and La’El Ofanim, bringing to light not only the issue of abductions, but also what is behind the curtains of the terrestrial experience.

The book brings a very realistic view of the abduction process, supposedly done by extraterrestrial entities that have been on Earth since the beginning of the human experience.

The reader will discover how the human race was created, the reason for the genetic project and its consequences for humanity both in physicality and in the so-called superior dimensions. SOS – They are taking us is a must-read book for anyone who prefers a bitter truth to a sweet lie, or the apathy with which these fundamental issues are treated in the media and literature in general.

In The Answer to Everything, Fabio Erelim presents the most recent discoveries of traditional science, establishing relationships with the concepts of modern Spirituality, in a work that can be used as a study guide, both for beginners and for those who are already familiar with the subject.

Amid basic concepts of the functioning of the universes, our planet, the dimensions of reality and how all this affects our lives today and now, complex subjects such as Quantum Mechanics and Sacred Geometry are explained in a practical and easy to understand way.

Based on a true story, Planetary Intervention tells the story of Daniel: an army veteran who joins a worldwide military command, which officially should not exist, and embarks on various missions around the world.

Daniel undergoes the best elite training that exists and uses technology far ahead of his time, traveling across the planet without knowing what his next mission will be.