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Ascension Wisdom derives from the term “Educação Consciencial” (Portuguese for Consciential Education), created by F. Liam Erelim to characterize the entire range of content production, not only his own, but also that of his work partners in favor of the awakening of humanity.

Its flagship is Despertar 2.0, called by students “The Awakening University”. It is an online course with four modules, with several professors who teach different topics relevant to Consciential Education, aiming to provide a basis for the Awakening of Consciousness.

Liam also developed with La’El Ofanim the Initiatic School, which aims to go further in the union of knowledge and practice, through a series of courses and experiences aimed at awakening, such as the ‘Despertando’ (Awakening) course and the ‘Semente da Vida’ (Seed of Life) project at its various levels. 

All will be in English soon.


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